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Bridgeway is a church committed to standing in the radical middle of the Word and the Spirit. While many churches typically gravitate to one extreme or the other, we want to be a place where both the Word and the Spirit collide in equal measure.

We are committed to the way in which Jesus lived – rooted in the Word, empowered by the Spirit, building an extended family, and making disciples that make disciples. To us, this is not learned in a classroom, but happens “life on life.” We believe we grow in Jesus when we are sharing life with other people.

We want to see fathers and mothers in the faith being raised to lead others.  If we make disciples that make disciple and are obedient to the call of God on our lives, we will have a huge impact on Greenville and the world. These are the days when everyday people rise up and make disciples who grow in Jesus and reach the lost for the sake of the Kingdom.

We do sincerely hope you will fall in love with the Father and grow in Jesus as you make Bridgeway your home. We are not a perfect church; but we are vulnerable people, hungry for the Kingdom. On behalf of the staff, I want to say we pray blessings on you in the name of Jesus Christ and pray He fills you with wisdom and revelation as you seek Him with all of your heart.

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