disciples who share life

We want to be a church family comprised of small, healthy families that are marked by love, belonging, and honor for one another. We know calling ourselves family is a big deal and comes with responsibility. We choose to be there for one another in celebration and in pain. We choose to learn from each other and model grace-filled communication and Biblical conflict, free of gossip and envy. We choose to think the best of one another.

We know that family can be messy, and that doesn’t scare us. In fact, we believe that in the mess, our Heavenly Father will teach us how to be like Him. It is in the mess of family that we get to know others and truly be known ourselves. It is here that we learn how to choose humility, to lovingly confront, forgive, and serve.

The Great Commission is most fully realized within the context of family. Healthy families embrace the tension between relationship and responsibility. Everyday life can be hectic and it is far too easy to get caught up in the tasks and miss the people, especially those in our own homes. We want to be families who work from a place of rest, who go after our work and our mission from a place of health and passion. Life is much more fun and meaningful as family.