disciples known by our love

God is love. We have heard it before. But what does it really mean? What is love? How do we love and be loved? The Bible tells us that God loves us, and that we, as followers of Jesus, are to be characterized by one thing: love.

God’s love is sacrificial, forgiving, and selfless. He demonstrated His love by sending Jesus to give His life for us. Even when we were undeserving and unworthy, God loved us. His love never fails, it casts out all fear, and it meets us right where we are.

As we receive the perfect love of our Heavenly Father, our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude. His love for us seems too good to be true and it is our privilege to love God with everything we are. We give Him honor, glory, and praise because of His great love. We love Him because He first loved us.

Jesus taught His disciples to focus on two main things: Love God with all you are and love those around you. We choose to be a church family whose love for one another is based out of honor and follows the example God’s love sets for us. God’s love is freely given to us and it is our joy to selflessly choose to give that love away. Made in the image of God, we get to love Him fully and represent His love to others. We aim for our relationships to be infused with love. We want to be known as true followers of Jesus by our love for one another.