disciples with hearts wide open

Most American churches look perfect from the outside. Most pastors seem too good to be true. We don’t need another plastic Christian. We need something real. We need vulnerability in the context of trusted community.

Being an authentic, servant-hearted follower of Jesus isn’t neat and tidy. It’s raw. It’s messy. It’s living a life characterized by whole-hearted vulnerability. The key to transformation is vulnerability. If we desire to love and be loved, we must take off our masks. If we desire to live a life of abundant joy, we must tear down the walls that our insecurities have built. The key to relationships begins with vulnerability.

Being vulnerable actually enables us to feel and experience love, joy, and peace. When we attempt to protect ourselves from pain and rejection by wearing a mask or constructing an emotional wall, we actually prevent ourselves from fully knowing the Father and experiencing true belonging and fulfillment.

God’s unconditional love for us is full of vulnerability. God loved us first, with no guarantee of love in return. Jesus laid His life down for us when we could do nothing for Him. If our goal is to love the way God loves, then we must actively learn to engage in vulnerability.