disciples that make disciples that make disciples

As a church, we commit to a life anchored to the Father and His voice that Jesus modeled for us. His ways included doing only what the Father did, gathering a group of disciples, and sending them out to make disciples of their own. More than anything disciples are those who walk in their identity as a son or daughter of God the Father and seek to help others grow in their knowledge of Father.

Discipleship is a way of life. It is sharing life with others and constantly learning how to model Jesus in every part of our lives. There is so much joy that comes not only from following Christ but watching others grow and transform in his love. Being able to watch such growth and transformation in the context of community is the Father’s heart for his children.

We are seeking out the Biblical mandate of multiplication- the pursuit of making disciples that make disciples. We embrace the commission from Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations. What a privilege to live this out and to give away all that we have been given in order to equip and multiply the body of Christ, both locally and globally.