disciples the hear and do the WORD

When we say the Word, we mean the written, divinely inspired, words of God he has given us in The Bible. We also believe we can hear the voice of our Father in our daily lives.

The Bible is a love letter. A love letter from a Father to his children. As we grow closer to Him through the context of the God-breathed scriptures we get to see His character. We get to know him in a way that is both applicable and relevant to today. The Word is timeless and is the foundation of our faith, enduring forever.

The voice of our Father is vital to the alignment of what we believe we are hearing when we study the written Word. When approached with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Word is a living connection to the heart and mind of God.

We choose to be a people that honor, teach, and diligently study both the written and spoken Word of God. We want the scripture to be continually in our ears. However, as disciples, we choose to be doers and not hearers only. It is in doing what He says that we truly learn wisdom and how to follow Jesus. We prioritize teaching as well as accountability of applying the Word in our daily lives.