disciples that do and train others to do the Father's works

While on Earth, Jesus taught the Kingdom, healed the sick, and demonstrated deliverance. He was a teacher who walked in tremendous authority and power while demonstrating great humility, wisdom, and confidence. He referred to His ministry as “the works of the Father” and commanded His disciples to the same things He did, and said they would do even greater things! We believe and desire to do just that, to do what Jesus did – the Father’s works.

We seek to live naturally supernatural lives every day. Jesus barbecued fish and spent time with his friends and also healed the sick and made wine from water. It was not one then the other, it was supernatural works of the Father happening in the natural context of life. This lifestyle means we get to see people supernaturally healed and delivered in a surprisingly natural way.

We believe the lifestyle of doing what Jesus did is available to every believer.