Bridgeway Kids

Bridgeway Kids is a safe, fun, and relatable environment for children ages birth through the fifth grade.  We want to see children equipped to connect with Jesus, so that they may know the Father and be aware of the power fully available to them through the Holy Spirit.

We have four main core values for all ages:


It is our priority that each child feel safe and secure throughout all of our kid rooms.  This includes the setting of the room, the transitions from one activity to the next, and most importantly through connection with our leaders.


We want kids to know that they can fully be who they are when they are with us.  We want to establish relationships with the kids that can help them be certain that no matter what we are here to celebrate who God has made them to be.


We want everyone, from babies to adult volunteers to be able to jump in and have fun each week.  As Chad often says, “Seriousness is not a fruit of the Spirit.” And while we believe that the role we have in the kids’ lives is a big deal, we also believe that the best way to learn is through a lot of fun.


Bridgeway Kids understands that each age group can have significantly different development needs.  That is why we purposely plan each Sunday for each development stage.  Whether it is a 6 week old or an 11 year old, each child will have the opportunity to engage in relationships and activities that help them connect with Jesus, learn the Word of God, and interact with Holy Spirit.

For more information of if you are interesting in serving with Bridgeway Kids, please contact us at [email protected]