As a church, Bridgeway exists to connect people with to the heart of God, no matter where they are. We are eager to see the Kingdom of God advance in loving and strategic expressions of the Gospel around the world. We do this by supporting and partnering with the families and ministries with which God has connected us.

We are currently connected to 8 families on 5 continents. They are all wonderful people who have a specific passion and mission: to reach the lost and disciple those who are young in their faith, in the communities in which they live. As a church family, we are delighted to support and serve these missionaries in various ways such as consistent relationship, persistent prayer and sacrificial giving.

Current Short-Term Missions Partners

Bridgeway Church is excited to partner with these individuals and families as they embark on a journey to bring the Kingdom of God and His loving kindness to people who are in need of an encounter with the Living God. Please consider supporting them in prayer or finances.

Tatum Hill
June 2017 - June 2018 | Tete, Mozamique
Pioneer61 / Iris Global
Julia Hiner
July 2017 - May 2018 | Ottestad and Alesund, Norway

Meet our Missionaries:

Craig and Lisa B - Turkey

Craig and Lisa B.

missions_b-familyCraig and Lisa are working in an area that had no churches, missionaries or believers when they arrived. Since 2009, they have raised up and released 9 interns and helped plant several churches. They are consistently building relationships with Muslims in their area and ministering in a Naturally Supernatural way.

They minister through:

  • Supporting a Local School for Refugee Children
  • Operating a Business
  • Community Outreaches
  • Discipling Individuals

Please consider partnering with them by supporting them financially.


Cheryl Cannon - Greenville, SC

Cheryl Cannon

Let’s Talk Ministries has unity in the Church at it’s core. Cheryl founded Let’s Talk in 2009, and has been ministering in the Greenville, SC area for around 15 years. She ministers to many people around the region in different churches, non-profits and a women’s prison. Cheryl teaches sound biblical doctrine on an itinerant basis as well as discipling individuals to reach the community around her. She pours into her disciples to empower them to make disciples of their own.

Cheryl ministers through:

  • Discipling women at Shepherd’s Gate and Connie Maxwell Children’s Home
  • Bible studies and discipleship in homes
  • Introducing people to the work of Holy Spirit at various speaking engagements

Please consider partnering with Cheryl by liking her Facebook page and committing to pray.


Crosspoint of India

Crosspoint of India


Crosspoint of India has been serving India since 2003. They have a heart to see people empowered and set free in Christ. Crosspoint is, primarily, an indigenous church planting ministry in India. Their vision is to plant a church for every 1,000 people in our country.

They are doing this through:

  • Bible School
  • Pastoral and Orphan Care
  • Public School
  • Handicraft Industry for Women
  • Medical Clinic

Please consider partnering with them by signing up for their newsletter or by supporting them financially.


The Danner Family - Taiwan

The Danner Family with OneBody International

missions_dannerfamilyClay and Rhonda felt a call to minister in Taiwan from their first time living and ministering there back in 1999. Since then, they have waited patiently and the Lord began to make the path clear to leave the States, starting in early 2015. After starting their ministry, OneBody International, the Danners made preparations to go back to Taiwan and have been there since early 2016. Clay and Rhonda are reconnecting with old friends and making new ones as they are getting settled into Taipei. They see themselves as a family on mission, with their daughters already getting in on sharing: the truth of Jesus, the love of the Father and prayer for people in need.

The Danners are ministering through:

  • Following connections with churches and individuals to disciple people
  • Having people in their home for meals, fun, worship, and prayer
  • Praying for and blessing people in their community
  • Being led by Father to see His Kingdom come, and lives and communities changed

Please consider partnering with them by signing up for their newsletter or by supporting them financially.


The Hodge Family - South Africa

The Hodge family with YWAM


Rich and Lynn Hodge are good friends of Bridgeway, and have been connected through several transitions in our history. They have ministered with YWAM for many years, and most recently have launched a ministry from their house to host people as they lead them into deeper encounters with the love and freedom of Christ. The Hodges are based in the Cape Town area of South Africa.

The Hodges minister through:

  • Discipling Individuals
  • Hosting YWAM Teams
  • Ministering to other YWAM Bases

Please consider partnering with them by following their blog, or by supporting them financially.


The Hyppolite Family - Haiti

The Hyppolite family with Bethel Mission Outreach


Gary and Linda Hyppolite oversee Bethel Mission Outreach in Haiti. Gary was born and raised in Haiti, and lived there for the first 14 years of his life. He moved to the United States and attended schools in New York as he grew up. Ten years ago, the Lord called Gary and his family back to Haiti. God placed a burning desire in his heart to minister the gospel among the poverty stricken people of Haiti. He founded Bethel Mission Outreach with an assurance of faith that God was going to use this mission base to bring spiritual and economic transformation throughout the nation.

Bethel Mission Outreach offers many facets of ministry, including:

  • House of Prayer
  • Orphanage
  • School
  • Church Planting

Please consider partnering with them by signing up for their newsletter or by supporting them financially.


The Johnson Family - Albania

The Johnson family with CRU City


Paul and Sue have been members of this house for many years, and are active participants when they are in the States. In 1999 Paul and Sue joined CRU staff to help turn lost marketplace influencers into Christ-centered transformational leaders. They serve in both Greenville, SC and since 2005 were in Raciborz, Poland. After a decade of evangelizing and discipling business leaders and Millennials in Poland, it was time to turn the ministry over to the Poles.

Starting in February 2017, they have transitioned to working in Tirana, Albania. The Johnsons have quickly begun to see fruit from their efforts with various ministry expressions, such as:

  • Discipling Christian business leaders
  • Organizing and hosting outreach events to begin relationships
  • Facilitating discipleship Bible discussion groups, as well as pre-evangelistic book studies.

They minister to business leaders by:

  • Partnering with Christian business leaders
  • Organizing and hosting outreach events
  • Facilitating discipleship Bible discussion groups

Please consider partnering with them by signing up for their newsletter (email [email protected]) or by supporting them financially.

CRU Giving Site.

The Jones Family - Asia

The Jones Family with OMF


The Jones family is serving in Asia, bringing the Kingdom of Heaven with them wherever they go. Currently, they operate a travel business and work with local entrepreneurs to disciple people into greater intimacy and knowledge of God. The Joneses have been in Asia since 2005, and have built great relationships with their community, operating in a naturally supernatural lifestyle.

They impact their community through:

  •  Bible Studies
  • Discipling Business Leaders
  • Community Outreach
  • Coordinate Regional Team Outreaches

Please consider partnering with them by signing up for their newsletter or by supporting them financially.


The Nicole Family - South Africa

The Nicole family with Iris Global


Jean and Teisa are serving in South Africa with Surprise Sithole to bring the tangible love of Jesus to those in need. In 2003, Surprise planted a church in an impoverished township (Backdoor) outside of White River/Mombela, South Africa. From that one church, the transforming power of God has forever impacted the community and launched a ministry center committed to advancing the Kingdom of God. The Nicoles helped to start Michael’s Children’s Village in 2009, and have been overseeing the base ever since.

Today, the base consists of ever expanding ministries that include:

  • Church planting and discipleship
  • Harvest Bible College
  • Village of Hope outreaches
  • Michael’s Children’s Village

Please consider partnering with them by signing up for their newsletter or by supporting them financially.


If you are interested in supporting any of these specific families or ministries, please contact John Flowers ([email protected]) for details.